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Flat-bottom Pouch (Box Pouch)

Classic and elegant, Stand up with the bottom panel being completely flat, Flat-bottom pouch (Box pouch) is the greatest at utilizing shelf space. This type is also considered an improved version of the standard stand-up pouch. The main difference is that it has five panels of surface sealed together to give you more presentation area.

Because the base is flat and secure, the flat-bottom pouch is a fantastic choice for high-value specialty foods such as snacks, coffee, tea or premium pet treats, or any products looking for a higher-end feel. Premium brands in the pet food, sports nutrition, grains and coffee market sectors are trending rapidly towards this packaging type.

  • Coffee or tea
  • Dried goods
  • Snacks
  • Health and beauty products
  • Pet food
  • Incredible shelf stability/The greatest presentation: The flat-bottom pouch offers incredible shelf stability due to its sturdy, level bottom. With 5 total panels to print on and the front panel sits flat, which makes it easy to spot at the front of the shelf. Box pouches can also be made with a variety of barrier materials that extend best-before/expiry dates and keeps your products fresh for months.
  • Space efficient /Fit up the most : Box pouches pack tightly in a master carton with minimal wasted space, making shipping per unit more economical. Plus, you can fit up to 50% more products onto a retail store shelf, when compared to a SUP with the same footprint.
  • Cost-effective when compared with traditional bag-in-box option: Box pouch is a fraction of the cost of a traditional bag-in-box packaging solution, while still able to hold the same volume of product.
  • Easy filling/Easy seal:  Fill your products manually or automatically with a pouch filling machine; seal your products with a conventional heat sealer, or upgrade to a crimp sealer for a professional look. Up to you—we customize the type for you.
  • Typical feature/Custom features: A typical feature of the Box pouch is a completely flat bottom. There are also a variety of custom features that can be added on including fresh-lock zippers etc.
  • Offshore production